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Since its founding in 1985, our company has enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 30%. Now it has been developed into the country’s leading manufacturer of mining hydraulic power, as well as theNational leading  manufacturer of connector industry in the country. In 2014, the company achieved the operating revenue of 148 million yuan.
My company's products are: hose connector, the middle connector, hydraulic auxiliary lines, electro-hydraulic control systems, support and adjacent support control systems, high-pressure filtration systems, high-pressure hose assembly and other leading products a famous brand. Among them, the hose connector and the middle connector in the domestic market leader.

Adhering to the mission of “services change everything”, about 6.8% of the annual sales revenue is used for research and development. The physical and chemical laboratory of Long Wall Fluid engineering technology center can provide materials of high quality required for mining fluid connector, to meet the need of hydraulic technology with high reliability and long service life under impact load of high strength, so as to achieve the quality of the products you need. With the technological innovation strength, Long Wall has successively won the honors of “National Key New Product”, “National High Tech Enterprise”, “Provincial Famous Trademark”, “Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award”, “Provincial Engineering Technology Center” and so on. By December 31, 2016, Long Wall has been awarded nearly 300 national authorized patents...More

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With a wide range of product quality, longwall products are widely used in Shenhua, China Coal, Yankuang, Shaanxi Coal, Zheng Coal, North Coal and other more than 200 mining companies, a large number of exports to the United States, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany And other countries, and constantly promote the "Made in China" to go abroad.

Company cooperation in Ningbo University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Ningbo Wanli College, and with the industry well-known technical staff, senior engineer, doctoral tutor, enjoy the national special allowance experts and other long-term cooperation.

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Based on the development concept of “all from innovation”, 6.8% of the annual business volume is used for research and development. We have a independent research and development center of 1500 square meters and the existing technical staff of 49 people, including the top field staff of 6 people. In the company test center, there is life test for hydraulic valve, action test machine, safety line mass flow test, hydraulic control valve mass flow test, blasting test, pulse test, three coordinate test machine, spectrograph, material strength (stress) machine, material structure analysis meter, cladding material analysis (thickness) instrument, aging test, life test, electromagnetic compatibility test, pressure test, high low temperature test, components and parts selection, microcomputer control comprehensive test and so on.