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Technology Research

Ningbo Long Wall is recognized as the national new high-tech enterprise. It has successively won the honors of “National Key New Product”, “Provincial Famous Trademark”, “Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award” and so on. The company technology center was recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center in 2010, with the platform aimed at the product research innovation of the electro-hydraulic control system, hydraulic auxiliary line, high-pressure rubber hose assembly, filtration system, hose coupler, intermediate joint and other products.
Based on the development concept of “all from innovation”, 6.8% of the annual business volume is used for research and development. We have a independent research and development center of 1500 square meters and the existing technical staff of 49 people, including the top field staff of 6 people. In the company test center, there is life test for hydraulic valve, action test machine, safety line mass flow test, hydraulic control valve mass flow test, blasting test, pulse test, three coordinate test machine, spectrograph, material strength (stress) machine, material structure analysis meter, cladding material analysis  (thickness) instrument, aging test, life test, electromagnetic compatibility test, pressure test, high low temperature test, components and parts selection, microcomputer control comprehensive test and so on. Management and procurement CAD is applied, and the integrated system of research and development informatization is established by taking the PDM system as the core, so as to achieve centralized management and security sharing of research and development data, and simulation technology is adopted in the hydraulic system for product design.
The company is currently in cooperation with Ningbo University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Zhejiang Wanli University and so on, with a long-term collaboration with renowned technical personnel in the industry, senior engineer, doctoral supervisor and experts who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council as well.
By the end of 2014, the company has already owned 5 product registered trademark (NBLWF was awarded as Zhejiang Well-known Trademark in January, 2015), approximately 300 authorized patents of all kinds, regarded as the patent demonstration enterprise in Ningbo City; there are 21 established and documented company standards, considered as the safety production standardization enterprise of machinery type in Ningbo City.  The company researches and develops 4 to 6 new products annually, a number of new products won the national, provincial and municipal project approval: “ultrahigh pressure intelligent backwashing filter station” completely developed by the company won the project approval from the technology innovation fund for national small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise in 2010, and it won the project approval from national torch plan in 2011. “26 function pilot operated control valve” and “mining explosive-proof and intrinsic safety type computer” was successively named the national key new product by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012 and 2013. Successfully developed in 2011, “ZDYZ hydraulic support electro-hydraulic control device”, appraised by experts, was identified as “the product can completely meet the requirements of domestic coal workface and replace imported products, with bright market prospects, and significant social benefits the economic benefits”. Meanwhile, it won the honor certificate of “the first (set) in the province”. In 2013, the project of “mining hydraulic support electro-hydraulic control system” was listed as the key project by the innovation fund for national small and medium-sized enterprise. And “hydraulic support electro-hydraulic bus control technology” was named national key new product of 2014. The declared project of “key technology research and industrialization of underground unmanned mining equipment” won the third prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015. The company has successfully become one of the few enterprises that have the ability to research, develop and produce the products of hydraulic support electro-hydraulic control system.